Two surrogates are expecting the embryo transfer

Two surrogates are expecting the embryo transfer



New life is glad to extend its warm wishes to 2 surrogate mothers who are supposed to transfer the embryo today on the 13th of July 2014 at 11 am. New life global is extremely excited about the transfer. The mothers are a part of the team from New Mexico and the rest of the clan can’t wait to deliver the news to the new parents. They are more than eager to pass on the message.

The team at New life global is always grateful to their surrogates for the herculean task that they do. They help the less fortunate fulfill their dreams. The team at New life global not just wishes them luck but  is also extremely thankful of them.

After all, the procedure of becoming a surrogate mother is not easy. The lady has to go through a lot of tests and complications in order to be a successful surrogate mother. With the risks that are involved and the emotional stages that the baby bearer has to go through, this is indeed a heroic task. For, even before the procedure begins, the health etc. Of the mother is checked so as to ensure that there are no complications whatsoever.

Even then, one can never be sure of a flawless delivery. All the processes have to be followed to the T to ensure this. Only then is a new and healthy baby born.