Egg Donation

Egg Donation

Egg donation program is one of the most significant pillars of strength of New Life Global Network. We have been helping thousands of individuals become parents using donated eggs since 2008. Our donor egg IVF programs have consistently provided superior pregnancy success rates for intended parents all around the world.

Our intended parents may select an egg donor from our local or international egg donor database, for example if intended parents plan their surrogacy journey in Georgia, they may choose the donor from our local Georgian egg donor database or from other branches, like Poland, South Africa, etc. We will arrange the selected egg donor travel to Georgia as per request. The same scenario applies to other destination countries.

Our egg donor database currently features several hundred egg donor candidates from various background and location: Georgia, Ukraine, Mexico, South-West Asia, South Africa and India.


IVF with Egg Donation (with local or international travelling egg donors)
Surrogacy with Egg Donation (with local or international travelling egg donors)
Egg Donor Sharing ( for same sex couple)
Embryo cryopreservation (freezing)
Embryo cryopreservation (freezing)
Shipping cryopreserved (frozen) eggs or embryos to various destinations


High Success Rate

At New Life Global Network, the high success rate of donation programs are ensured by several key factors:
Our egg donors have to complete an extensive application and interview process, which ensures that only the most qualified candidates are accepted in our egg donation program. The egg donors are thoroughly screened as to their physical, psychological and medical parameters. Donors are personally interviewed and appraised by a competent and experienced board to assess their intellect, cultural background and lifestyle. Smoking, drinking and drug addiction would be a disqualification for an egg donor. Passing the required criteria increases donor egg success rate which is our main goal in the program.

Our egg donation program coordinators are highly efficient and good organizers. They form an important bridge between the client and donors. Egg donation and egg retrieval procedures involves a series of treatments, which are administered and monitored strictly by the expert professionals at high end clinics located in different countries.


We are happy to present our egg donor profiles to intended parents and offer a comprehensive evaluation of health, family history, education, etc. to match their needs. In most branches we are able to offer our unique service to our intended parents: arranging their personal meeting or skype video call with the preferred egg donor candidate (following the local regulations and requirements).

We welcome our intended parents to visit us and meet our staff to make sure that our place feels right for them.


Our intended parents find it very easy to find the suitable donor for them since we have large and diverse egg donor pool that includes donors from Georgia, Ukraine, Mexico, East-West Asia, South Africa, India. It’s worth mentioning that we have program coordinators in each region, who are familiar with local egg donors, clinics and other recourses you will need during this process.

Travelling Egg Donors

Our unique program of travelling egg donors enables us to meet various needs of our intended parents. In case of request, our travelling egg donors are more than happy to donate in a country chosen by the intended parents and travel for there for donation. Additionally, New Life has frozen Asian and Caucasian Egg donor bank available for shipment to the different destinations.

Travelling Egg Donor Coordinator

We have specially assigned Travelling Egg Donor Coordinator who is entirely focused on arranging the travelling egg donor programs. Her main task is to monitor traveling egg donor screening, medical preparation and travel. Travelling Egg Donor coordinator works closely with local egg donor coordinators and program follow up managers to ensure the best arrangements for each program.

Personalized Care

We aim at providing the best possible working conditions and personalized care for both egg donors and intending parents. We regularly update information on egg donors on their profiles in database. They can be contacted any moment and briefed on a new assignment. Our interaction with the egg donors are regular and transparent without letting the slightest possibility of miscommunication no matter whatever be the ethnic background of the donor. The language of communication has never been a barrier. We maintain a serious feedback on the health of each and every donor we have in contact as this factor would be vital for development of a healthy pregnancy and childbirth. We do not leave any room for egg donor dissatisfaction.

We believe that egg donors are very special and generous ladies helping others in need to become parents. We have designed a very good compensation package for the priceless service they render. We follow them closely over their overseas assignment and take care for their health and wellbeing as we do for our patients.

Cryopreservation (Freezing) of Eggs

In addition to providing fresh eggs, we offer egg donation using frozen (vitrified) donor eggs. We have the facility for cryopreservation of donor eggs that can be sent to various destinations. Due to fine-tuning of freezing and thawing protocols, egg freezing process has improved significantly over past years and actively used for various programs.