About Us

Who We Are

New Life Global Network represents a rapidly expanding group of modern fertility clinics and surrogacy & egg Donation centers known all over the world for its remarkable reputation and success rate. Our modern and outstanding clinics and fertility centers are present in nine countries in various parts of the world. We are successfully operating in Georgia, Ukraine, India, South-West Asia, Mexico, South Africa, Israel, Kenya and Poland. Each of our branches serves specific needs of our intended parents and is recommended to them accordingly

New Life Global Network is founded on the personal experience of Mrs. Mariam Kukunashvili, MD, PhD who believes that every responsible and caring person deserves happiness of parenthood. She has three beautiful babies born via surrogacy.


Our very first center was established in 2008 in Tbilisi, Georgia. Since then we have reached eight more countries in various parts of the world , helped more than 7000 families and single intended parents and completed up to 11, 000 IVF (In Vitro Fertilization) procedures, including frozen embryo transfers.

We have intended parents referring to us from almost every corner of the world, but great majority of our parents are from Sweden, United Kingdom, United States, Poland, Spain, Australia, Norway, Portugal, Japan, China, Israel, etc.

It’s worth mentioning that in addition to surrogacy and egg donation agencies, New Life owns its modern IVF clinics in Mexico, India and South-West Asia where full array of Assisted Reproductive Technology (ART) services are provided. Poland and South Africa branches are represented as our egg donor referral centers only due to the local restrictions on surrogacy.

At New Life Global Network we have significant experience in collaborating with the most reputable clinics, doctors and surrogacy & egg donation agencies worldwide who have found our service as one of the most reliable and professional in the field of fertility treatment. We have successfully collaborated with : Corion Fertility Center, Rotunda, Akanksha Fertility Clinic, Viktoria Clinic, All IVF, Surrogacy Center India, Visit and Care.com , Health-tourism.com, Medical Tourism Corporation, BKK Miracle Baby, Baby for All, NeoEst , North Cyprus Clinic, etc. We welcome new partners among the leading professionals and are always ready to discuss the partnership proposals with the interested parties.

Investing in clinics and equipping them with the state of the art technologies are one of the key factors contributing to our success. For example, our clinics are equipped with multichamber incubators what is proven to increase success rate by 20 percent compare to standard one. Our embryologists use the special filters on microscopes to differentiate the quality of eggs received.

Moreover, all our partner clinics are chosen carefully and all of them are corresponding to international standards.

We are open to share our experience with our colleagues and get their feedback as well. Mrs. Mariam Kukunashvili and Ms. Matuta Bzhalava have served as invited experts to contribute to the development of Handbook of Gestational Surrogacy: International Clinical Practice & Policy Issues published by Cambridge University Press.

New Life is proud participant of various reputable international conferences and workshops on fertility solutions which our staff members attend with great motivation and enthusiasm. Keeping up with the progress and adopting new approaches is one of the key priorities of our company.

We believe that annual meetings in a form of conferences or workshops serve as a great platform for networking with the key players in the field.


Success Rate

As mentioned above, we helped more than 7000 families and single intended parents and completed up to 11, 000 IVF (In Vitro Fertilization) procedures, including frozen embryo transfers. Our overall success rate of the programs is about 70-80 percent and each year we are doing our best to increase this indicator as much as possible.

Our clinics are following international standards of medical care issued by corresponding authorities. As to partner clinics, we usually work with the most reputable IVF clinics and doctors only, who have world class education and significant and sufficient experience in the field of Assisted Reproductive Technologies (ART).

Flexibility and Variety of Options

Having variety of branches all over the world gives us a unique flexibility to select the best treatment destination for our intended parents based on their individual needs , keeping in mind their geographic, legal, medical and financial aspects. It gives us a wonderful opportunity to provide our services to married, single, gay, lesbian, HIV positive intended parents. Moreover, it enables us to provide some unique services such as: PGD for gender selection, sperm washing, embryo or sperm transportation from one country to another, etc.

Loyalty Programs

At New Life Global Network we are striving to serve each of our intended parents with special care and dedication. Despite the fact that our program fees are as per actual and fixed, we often find the ways to announce discounts on agency fee whenever possible and never charge agency fee on surrogacy program for the second or third try.

Partnership Opportunities

Our successful parents are the best advocates for our work. It’s worth mentioning that we have significant number of successful intended partners who have become our ambassadors in their countries. We have special partnership agreement ready for any successful parent willing to become part of our global network. We welcome our intended parents to join our team, since we believe that they have the most expertise in this field and therefore their involvement is much valuable for our development and improvement.

Complain Service Department

We are interested what intended parents want to tell us. Mostly they are happy but there are cases when expectations were not fully met since each program is unique. We put high emphasis on complain service department. Out intended parents can file a complaint with the board if they are dissatisfied with a company’s service. Each complain is carefully reviewed by the head management and all measure taken to address it properly. Our intended parents can feel free to share their thoughts, concerns, suggestions, etc. by writing to our board representative (e-mail: feedback@newlifeglobalnetwork.net)

Professional Staff Members

New Life Global network is very proud to have extremely dedicated professional team at every branch of it. Employees who pass probation period stay with New Life at long term bases and almost all the employees working with New Life have more than 5 years’ experience. We have specially assigned coordinators for every stage of the program: initial follow up, medical coordination, pregnancy care and delivery. Such approach ensures specialization of employs on the particular part of the process and enables them to work with great focus. Each coordinator is responsible for certain part of the process and is fully focused on it to make sure there are no delays and the intended parents get the best attention possible.


At New Life Global Network we strive to respond each request within 24 hours. Intended parents are encouraged to set up skype video call or phone call with us. In the era of global technologies, the distance is no issue and we are doing our best to be available for our intended parents at their convenience.