One more amazing baby

One more amazing baby


New life team has again successfully helped bring smile to a new set of parents.  This was a special challenge for the new life team as it didn’t involve just a usual procedure of the egg donation or surrogacy but both of them. Yes this time it was not just the two special ladies but three special women who helped bringing a new life to birth.

The process started with the usual screening for donor and with medical tests, fertility tests, genetic and psychological tests the intended mother with the help of our team was able to find this Caucasian donor. She was the perfect match for all the requirements suggested by the intended couple. When the donor was found, the search for a surrogate mother began. This bought us from west to east. In India the couple found the woman who was going to carry and nurture their child till delivery.  The surrogate was then screened and tested to see if she was fit for surrogacy.

The egg donor and the surrogate mother then were prepped so that their menstrual cycle would synchronize and the extraction and implantation of the eggs would be carried out smoothly. Subsequently, the eggs were retrieved and implanted after fertilization and the pregnancy was a success.

Hence, one more amazing baby was born in India with the help of New Life Team. The Caucasian donor and Indian surrogate mother brought boundless happiness and joy to our Intended Parents.

We wish health, luck and happiness to this lovely family.