A new surrogate started her preparation

A new surrogate started her preparation



As of this week, a new surrogate mother is preparing to receive an embryo. This isn’t easy both medically and personally. A large number of precautions have to be taken while entering into this stage. It requires the surrogates to be cooperative because they will often be monitored by the doctor. Moreover, the medications begin well in advance and need to be taken on time. Even after all this, one can only hope for a successful pregnancy. The parents have set all their hope on this surrogate mother and everyone is awaiting the results with crossed fingers. For, the parents have great hopes from this surrogate mother.

Egg donation mother has been a common phenomenon historically too. Of course, the methods have been different but it has been done. The impetus has always been on being grateful to the surrogate mother for the kind of task that she is performing for the parents.

In this case too, the parents have nothing but gratitude for the girl who is helping them deliver the baby via 3rd party reproduction methodologies. One cannot but understand what the surrogate mother would go through in first rearing and then later giving away her baby.

However, such task is a mark of selflessness of the highest level wherein the person only wants to lend a helping hand irrespective of their own feelings. Of course, a surrogacy treatment can be of many kinds but the primary base of the whole scenario remains just the same.