New Life Mexico works: transparently and openly

New Life Mexico works: transparently and openly



A lady from Israel visited us this week. She is an intimate friend of the parents to be. The embryo transfer is supposed to take place next week. She is a student and is working on a research in surrogacy.

She can meet the surrogates in Villahermosa and further her research work accordingly. Thus, at New Life Mexico nothing is hidden. All of the work is done openly and with complete transparency.

Thus, from the egg donation mother to the parents who shall benefit from it, everything is known and out in the open. This way there is no chance of discrepancies in the near future. Everyone is aware of everything.

Are you wondering, how the process of egg donation actually works? Well, it is no rocket science. As is obvious, the woman donates her egg for assisted reproduction. This woman is the egg donation mother. Her eggs are then fertilised using IVF technology. The In-Vitro Fertilization (IVF) process takes place in a laboratory. Sometimes, eggs are frozen and then stored for use at a later point in time.

Such kind of helping hand is deeply valued by the parents that it is intended for. However, it is by no means easy. Apart from the nifty procedures that are requisite of donors, all parties also have to comply with the guidelines issued by the FDA and the ASRM.

It is one of the primary reasons that New Life Global keeps nothing under wraps.