About New Life Global Network Team

Team of New Life Georgia

Mariam Kukunashvili

Co Founder, New Life Global Network

Mariam was graduated from Tbilisi State Medical University with honor and was granted full government scholarship for further studies. Upon completing her 3 year residency program she continued her studies at Tbilisi State Medical University to pursue her Master Degree in Healthcare Management and Economics. In parallel to her post graduate studies, Mariam worked as a night shift nurse and later as a doctor at an Emergency Care Unit of Tbilisi Central Hospital.

From 2003, Mariam works as a Regional Coordinator for EU supported project “Primary Health Care Financing Reform in Georgia” , where she has been supervising health care reform in the Country. After Health Care Reform Project, Mariam continues work at various EU and USA Embassy funded projects: “Palliative Care’, Poverty Reduction”, US Embassy programs on “Sustainment and Stability Operations program”, “Bioweapon’s Threat Reduction Program”.

From 2008, Mariam came to Fertility sphere with her own history of infertility struggle. She suffered from endometriosis for a long time. She underwent 11 unsuccessful IVF attempts, and 4 surgeries, then one successful but ectopic pregnancy. The medical conditions lead her to turn to surrogacy. With the help of 2 wonderful surrogate mothers, she and her husband have a beautiful daughter and twin boys, born in 2011.

Mariam is principle author of the books “Surrogate Motherhood: The World Practice and Georgian Reality”, ‘’Aging and Healthy Lifestyle’’ and Co Author of Surrogacy and Fertility book which was published by Cambridge University in 2016. She also writes articles and Blogs for various Georgian newspapers.

Mariam strongly believes, that every business has corporate Social responsibility, thus she funds In Vitro Fertilization (IVF) programs for certain number of Georgian infertile couples on a monthly bases. Moreover, she is a founder of charity organization New Life Fund assisting school children from vulnerable families via providing the monthly stipend for their studies and arranging study corners at home.

Mariam is extremely passionate about people who are dealing with infertility, as she has personally experienced the headache and disappointment associated with it. Mariam brings her remarkable clinical and personal experience to the New Life Global Network and leads the clinics with great commitment to its vision and goals.

Ekaterine Iashvili

Director of Georgia Branch / Medical Coordinator

Eka has over ten year of experience working in the healthcare sector in high managerial positions; sound technical expertise, professional dedication, diplomatic approach, outstanding communication and strategic networking skills contribute greatly to her outstanding leadership qualities.

She has vast experience in monitoring and coordinating programs implemented with government and donor support {countrywide}, in various fields of the healthcare sector including reproductive health issues.

Eka holds a master’s degree in Public Administration and in Public Health. In her current position as New Life Georgia Director, Ekaterine manages the New Life Georgia Branch and ensures medical coordination of all planned programs.

(+995 577) 770 117

Marine Darsavelidze

Manager / Medical Coordinator

Maka has great experience in the fields of public relations and strategic communication with a government agency. Her professional experience comprises: planning and coordinating official visits, high-level meetings, media relations, international project management and implementation.

She worked for 9 years as an Assistant to the First Lady of Georgia who mainly dealt with Health care and Charity activities throughout the Country.

Maka holds a PhD in journalism and is an Associate Professor at the State University of Georgia. She delivers lectures leads courses on public relations, journalism, media law and ethics in various Georgian institutions. She also participated in training courses at home and abroad on different issues.

At New Life Georgia, she is Ms. Ekaterine Iashvili’s successor and works with confirmed intended parents, surrogates and egg donors to coordinate the surrogacy journey: preparation, scheduling IVF procedures, trip coordination and overall facilitation of clinical support to intended parents. She follows up and takes the lead to manage each case individually, once intended parents have signed the agreement with Sophie.

(+995 577) 77 67 87

Sophie Ukleba

International Patient Coordinator

As a highly trained professional in customer service and dedicated team member, Sophie is a great asset to New Life Georgia. In addition to a BA degree in Translation and Interpretation, Sophie holds a Master’s degree in Business Administration from UK. Having worked for prestigious London companies as a sales and marketing coordinator, Sophie has expertise that is essential to insuring the satisfaction of our intended parents. She has dependable experience that helps her guide our patients through the entire process of a surrogacy program with minimal stress.

Sophie has worked as Senior Sales Advisor at New Look, Marble Arch, London, as well as on Senior Team Leader position for the Dorchester Hotel, Mayfair in London.

Sophie is very eager to keep up with the latest trends in Business Administration. Most recently, she attended several prestigious conferences on Resource Management & Carrier Development, Business Process Management & Change, Leadership Challenges & Strategy Formulation.

As Patient Coordinator at New Life Georgia, Sophie deals directly with all intended parents with confidentiality and dedication, manages and coordinates their inquiries, provides support to ensure patients’ satisfaction, answers all initial questions in great detail, introduces available programs and handles negotiations for the final agreement. Sophie is your primary contact when you start to consider carrying out your surrogacy and/or egg donation program in Georgia.

Languages: Georgian, English, Russian

(+995 5 98) 80 22 23

Ia Alugishvili

Pregnancy Care Coordinator

As an enthusiastic and determined staff member with substantial experience in the areas of Tourism Management and F&B Event Management, Ia is a highly skilled professionals within our team. Aside from a Bachelor’s in Translation/Interpretation from the Georgian Technical University, Ia also holds an MSc Postgraduate Degree in International Tourism Management from the University of Wales Institute, Cardiff.

Ia has held supervision and administration positions at The Dorchester Hotel, Mayfair and West Trend Apartments London, where she developed her communication, time management and problem solving skills to peak levels.

Ia has successfully delivered her dissertation titled “How is Strategic Human Resource Management Related to The Organizational Overall Performance?” (A case study of the Dorchester Hotel, London).

As Pregnancy Care Coordinator at New Life Georgia, Ia updates and maintains the database of our egg donors and surrogate mothers. We understand that intended parents are eager to receive constant updates about their surrogate mothers, especially, when they are so very far away from them. We have every intention of making your journey to parenthood less stressful: therefore, all successful intended parents, who have pregnant surrogate mother in Georgia, are welcome to contact Ia directly. She will be more than happy to facilitate the communication process between parents and surrogates.

Languages: Georgian, English, Russian

(+995 5 98) 717 713

Maia Nakopia

Traveling Egg Donor Program Manager

Maia holds a BA degree in English Philology; she studied economics at the Engineering Institute in Rostov for 2 years. Maia has more than 15 years of experience in the NGO sector, specifically with finances. Precision, attention to details and dedication to her work – these are the attributes that make her a reliable team member.

As (TEDP) Manager at the New Life Global Network, Maia deals with egg donor stimulation, monitors the accuracy of protocol adherence, plans and arranges program dates and coordinates donor travel and accommodations. She assigns the chaperon for a program and updates the parents and clinics about the stimulation status. She makes sure the programs run smoothly and accurately.

Languages :Georgian, English, Russian

00995 577455445

Marine Buliskeria


With solid knowledge in accounting practices, economic principles, auditing practices, laws, codes and regulations, Marine is a key person in finance issues to New Life Georgia. Marine has years of experience in the management of financial systems and budgets in numerous leading hospitals in Georgia. She has provided financial data analysis, auditing and financial advice to a number of reproductive health and plastic hospitals.

At New Life Georgia, Marine manages all finance issues: applies accounting principles and procedures to analyze financial information, prepares accurate and timely financial reports and statements; ensuring all appropriate accounting control procedures are met.

(+995 599) 492737

Natia Grigalashvili

Financial Manager

Natia holds a Bachelor’s degree in Business Administration, Tourism Management. She has more than six years of work experience at AO Taoprivatbank. She obtained her accounting skills from the Georgian Federation of Professional Accountants and Auditors, operating in accordance with International Standards of Accounting.

She is distinguished among our team by her strong business administration skills, as well as analytical and organizational skills. She is a great team player and effective decision-maker with a great sense of responsibility.

Natia is a valued member of our large and dedicated staff. She mostly works behind the scenes on financial issues. Natia manages all of the programs’ financial aspects. She performs at all levels of administration regarding account transactions and management, and is known for delivering clear and unbiased information.

(+995 591) 110 778

Eka Shakarashvili

After Birth Care Coordinator

Eka is an enthusiastic and highly trained professional in customer service and dedicated team member. She holds a BA degree in Translation/Interpretation; and also completed a part time Marketing, Public Relations and Hotel Management course in the UK.

Eka has worked as a Corporate Sales Manager at one of the leading International Insurance companies in Georgia and as a shift manager at Kvareli Lake Resort, Georgia. She has held supervision and administration positions at The Dorchester Hotel, Mayfair and West Trend Apartments London, where she gained great experience in Public Relations and customer service.

Eliso works closely with the expecting parents both before and after their baby is delivered. She helps the parents with collecting paperwork for the birth certificate, accompanies them to legal institutions when they submit the application for a birth certificate; she diligently provides overall assistance to parents while staying in Georgia to see that all their needs are met.

Languages: Georgian, English, Russian

00995595 859455

Nana Lukhutashvili

Office Manager

Nana has obtained her BA Degree from Georgia State Medical University as a General Practitioner. In addition, she holds a Master’s Degree in Obstetrics and Gynecology.

Nana monitors and steadily updates the egg donor and surrogate databases at New Life Georgia. She assists the New Life team in program management and welcomes the Intended Parents. She is actively involved in office managerial tasks and is a great help to Intended Parents while visiting the office, and offers support to coordinators with meetings.

Languages: Georgian, English, Russian

(+995 593) 03 34 44

Elene Gelashvili

Administrative Assistant

At New Life Georgia we encourage young and enthusiastic people to develop a career with our company. Elene is our youngest team member, she is an administrative assistant. Elene is a Georgian State University graduated in the Faculty of Law. She is currently obtaining a master’s degree from the same university in parallel with her work.

Elene is a great asset to our company. She assists the financial department in archiving documents by planning, organizing and making sure everything is in place with notarized contracts. Elene is exceptionally enthusiastic and always shows interest in volunteering to help her New Life team members.

Languages: Georgian, Russian, English

00995599 531305


Logistics Coordinator

Eduard as the valuable team member facilitates the receiving and storing, moving and shipping of supplies, stock and materials, effectively managing the timely flow of order processing. He has a strong attention to detail and accuracy and possesses excellent time management skills. Apart to his main responsibility of being the Logistics Coordinator, Eduard also serves as the driver at New Life Georgia. He is the great stickler for punctuality and always ensures the passengers reach to their destination safely and comfortably. He proved to be dedicated and dependable Car Driver with excellent record of customer satisfaction.

Languages: Georgian, English, Russian.




Team of New Life Mexico

Kelly Vadillo Gonzalez

Manager & Egg Donor/Surrogate Mother Coordinator, New Life Mexico

At New Life, Kelly plays an integral part in running the office smoothly and coordinating our services for intended parents throughout their very special and sensitive journey to parenthood.
In addition to carrying out main managerial tasks, she is in charge of egg donor and surrogate mother recruitment, their guidance and monitoring. Kelly reviews and gradually updates the egg donor and surrogate mother databases.

Kelly welcomes all potential egg donor and surrogate mothers to New Life Mexico to undergo initial consultation via phone call, e-mail or personal meeting.

e-mail: kelly@newlifemexico.net
Cell: ( +52) 998 122-9543
Phone: (+52) 998 802-2631

Leny Zenteno

Medical Coordinator, New Life Mexico

Leny loves making dreams come true and taking care of medical part of the programs as well as of intended parents . Most of her job experience is related on business administration, customer service and making things happen. Leny has worked on different companies, such as advertising agencies, amusement parks and media (TV and internet), always taking care of sponsors and brands, as well as direct clients. She got a Scholarship for a Global MBA on business administration at ESEUNE Business School (Spain), it was developed in Bilbao, Brussels, Beijing and finishing in Georgetown University. As well as a degree in Marketing on one of the best schools in Mexico “Instituto Tecnológico de Monterrey” (ITESM Campus Santa Fe), during her studies she was part of extracurricular groups as students associations, drama club, cheer and dance, salsa an hip-hop groups.

Leny is the primary contact person for parents undergoing medical part of the program. Once the administrative part of process is finalized (contract signed, payment received, etc.), Leny is introduced to parent and guides them until pregnancy confirmation ( once pregnancy is confirmed, parents are introduced to Pregnancy Care Coordinator). Leny is taking care of repeated cycles as well.

e-mail: leny@newlifemexico.net
Cell: (+52) 998 802 2631

Yadira Del Valle

Surrogate Mother and Egg Donor Coordinator in Tabasco, New Life Mexico

At New Life, Yadira plays an integral role coordinating our services for intended parents, surrogate mothers and egg donors throughout their surrogacy journey. The main job of Yadira is to recruit, match and guide egg donors and surrogate mothers from Tabasco, Mexico.
She is in close touch with each surrogate mother and egg donor and makes sure their questions are always answered and they are fully aware about each step of the program.

Yadira is the primary contact person for surrogate mother and egg donor candidates in Tabasco, Mexico.

e-mail: yadira@newlifemexico.net
Phone: (+52) 199 31723971



Fertility Clinic Americas

Carlos Cortes

Embryologist, Fertility Clinic Americas

We wake you every morning to fullfill your dream.

Isabel Medellín

Specialist in Assisted Reproduction, Fertility Clinic Americas

We take care to complement your desire.

Elina Haller

Director of Laboratory, Fertility Clinic Americas

We are proud to deliver happiness.


Ernesto Noriega


Fertility Clinic Americas

Passionate about technology, self-taught, enterprising and always looking for new challenges, young Noriega joined Fertility Clinic Americas as Marketing Manager. For him, attention, quality and a plan of action are fundamental for a company. In his professional career he learned at companies like Nokia, Apple, Telcel, among some. And then he was able to take publicity campaigns of big brands like; Sanofi, Merck, Mayoly Spindler, BASF, KT Mobile, LG etc. Noriega – Teamwork is always the most important thing to reach a common goal, which is to arrive home happy!


Carolina Méndez


Fertility Clinic Americas

With a pleasant smile and timely care, Carolina is the first patient contact at the clinic. The empathy she creates with them makes them remember her as someone who is interested in the dream of patients of becoming parents. With experience in administrative positions and in charge of reception previously in another fertility clinic, she knows how to make patients feel at home.


Yalma Gomez


Fertility Clinic Americas

One of the youngest members of the FCA team, Yalma takes care of the accounting department with a proactive and meticulous attitude, with experience in public and private institutions plays a key role within the clinic for its correct functioning.


Elizeth Varillas


Fertility Clinic Americas

Elizeth is in charge of nursing. Just as the entire team of FCA, she will attend you with human warmth and professionalism. He has worked in one of the largest health institutions in the country and also in private hospitals. The joviality of Elizeth makes the patient feel well taken care of and safe with us.


Manuel Cituk


Fertility Clinic Americas

Upon your arrival in Cancun, Manuel will welcome you with a big smile that characterizes him. You will find you at the airport, making a stop at your hotel and then you will be taken to the clinic where it will be a pleasure to assist you. Born in Cancun Manuel has a vast knowledge of the best places in the city and you can give tips of the best beaches, paradisiacal places and excellent restaurants where you can taste Mexican dishes.



Team of New Life Ukraine

Svetlana Pirojenko

New Life Ukraine Branch Manager

Svetlana will be your key link as you make your initial move towards our surrogacy or egg donation program. This program will be implemented in Ukraine and hence you will have a smooth access to her. You will get all responses to the queries you shoot to Svetlana.

Nino Makharadze

Director, New Life Ukraine

Having launched your program in surrogate treatment, you will have Nino who will look after your contacts and administrative issues involving establishment of coordination. Looking after appointment of procedural formalities will also be in Nino’s service control.

Anna Kolendrickaya

Egg Donor and Surrogate Mother Coordinator, New Life Ukraine

No other Surrogate mothers and egg donors are as good a contact as Anna. She has the Newlife’s vast database at her fingertips and her advices are quick and precise. She personally establishes rapport with all candidates and follows up all prospective candidates, egg donors and surrogate.



Team of New Life Asia

Nana Tskhondia

New Life Asia Branch Manager

Nana holds BA degree in English philology. She completed international studies at Folk High School in Denmark that helped her to be qualified as active and engaged member of society.

Being the Deputy Secretary General of Georgia Red Cross for 8 years, she has gained huge experience and skills in supervision, monitoring and management of programs. With her initial involvement and contribution the organization has planned and implemented the number of humanitarian projects in order to respond effectively to the needs of local communities, especially of the vulnerable group of population.

Nana ensured the organization to have a long-range strategy which achieves its mission, and toward which it makes consistent and timely progress, provided leadership in developing program, organizational and financial plans, maintained official records and documents.

The work at Governmental entities like Parliament of Georgia, Central Election Commission, Ministry of Agriculture have additionally developed her professional skills.

At New Life Asia Nana serves as the Follow up Manager of the Branch and provides her invaluable support to the Intended Parents willing the program to be underwent there.

Language: Georgian, English, Russian

00995 577 713736

Megan Yan

Chinese Patient Coordinator, New Life Asia

Megan graduated from Guangdong University of Foreign Studies in Guangzhou, China with BA degree.

She worked in a Dutch branding & design company as an account manager and from her experience Megan knows that customer satisfaction is of great importance. She learned how to deal with different customers with different ways and how to introduce the service to them.

In New Life Asia Megan works as a coordinator and is responsible for the overall coordination of the programs with Chinese Intended Parents having no command in English. She has very good communication skills and is happy to help Chinese intended parents to plan their program through her professional knowledge.

Languages: Chinese, English, Spanish
Phone: 00995 599 802017
E-mail: megan@newlifeasia.net



Team of New Life India

Sonia Arora

Director, New Life India

Sonia is coordinating every surrogate mother that we engage in our programs. So you will always be well informed of the progress of your program and each detail that might be of any slight importance to you, even and especially when you are far away from India.
“Knowing I have the chance to work in an environment where I can help others is incredible. It is wonderful to witness the complete journey people experience through our Surrogacy Program, and work with the most selfless donors and recipients in The Egg Donor Program. There is something truly amazing when for us as the journey ends with the birth of a beautiful child, and we know the couple is just beginning their experience”
E-Mail: sonia@newlifeindia.com
Mobile: +91-9650399770
Skype: sonia.arora79

Gopal Kedia

Finances/Legality, New Life India

Gopal Kedia, FCA
G. K. Kedia & Co.
ISO 9001:2008 Certified, M.N. 054629, Member of NIRC of ICAI

Mr G K Kedia has 21 years of post qualification experience in the hardcore profession of accountancy. He has in his credit experience in the field of Taxation, Audit, Accounting, Company Law Matters, Financial Services, VAT & Sales Tax, Fema, Foreign Taxation, Transfer Pricing, STPI, Foreign Collaborations etc. He has been elected as member of North India Regional Council of the Institute of Chartered Accountants of India for the year 2010-2013.

Dr Deeksha Tyagi

IVF Expert, New Life India

Dr Deeksha Tyagi has MD (Physician) from Piragove Medical Institute Odessa, Ukraine in 1994 with honours. She has done her post graduate advance diploma course in ultrasonography from Dr Randhava’s ultrasound institute affiliated to Jefferson University in USA. She got her formal training in the field of infertility from one of the leading European Center, “Scandinavian IVF center, Georgia”, which is an ART center with excellence in all aspect of infertility and embryology. It caters to the most of the population in Europe. She is associated with IVF centers at Tibilisi and Estonia as well.

She is a qualified infertility expert with more than 17 years of post qualification experience in field of Gynacology. She has worked in the leading hospitals in New Delhi with eminent Obs-gyne till 1999 and for the last 12 years persuaded her practice in the field of infertility at one of leading IVF center in India, who has to its credit of having 6000 IVF Babies and 300 surrogate’s babies. She has joined New Life India to pursue her expertise on full time basis. She is a life member of Indian Fertility Society. She has attended many national conferences and she has been associated with many paper presentations at National and International conferences.

Gargi Avasthy

New Life India

Gargi has been into healthcare industry for past 3 years. In NewLife Gargi is following SM patients, and in clinic web she will work as coordinator. Before NewLife she has spent time with telecom major for 3 years in backend process. In her early endeavor, she has been working as coordinator for Fertility Research Centre. Was responsible for replying customer’s emails on priority basis, managing records of patients visiting on regular basis, preparing records in Microsoft office excel. In addition to this, Gargi has been involved in preparing discharge summary, medical certificates, maintaining data of surrogates and donors.

Radhika Thapar Bahl

Legal Advisor, New Life India

Radhika Thapar Bahl , a post -graduate in Law (LL.M , LL.B) from Panjab University (Chandigarh) , India has been practicing law from the last Ten (10) Years . Radhika while pursuing her studies have authored several books on law and wrote several articles in National Daily Newspaper on law. Radhika was interviewed by the National Daily- Tribune in the Year 2005 for her achievements in the field of Law. Radhika has always accepted the challenges of the field of law and it is when people were not aware of the legalities to be followed in the surrogacy arrangements, that Radhika decided to research , explore and give an insight to the Intended Parents about the legalities to be followed. After having nearly having Four (4) years of experience in the field of fertility, Radhika incorporated her own firm in Feburary, 2012 under the name of Fertility Law Care to provide extensive legal services in the field of fertility laws including surrogacy to the parents, clinics and agencies operating in India . However, prior to this, Radhika was a senior partner at surrogacy laws India and has to her credit to have assisted nearly Two Hundred (200) Parents in taking the babies back home through Surrogacy in India. Radhika is on regular basis being interviewed and consulted by medical magazines, newspaper to provide a legal outlook on surrogacy in India. Radhika is working closely with the government organizations to put across the legal concerns of parents that they face or may face while availing surrogacy services in India. Radhika believes in transparency and gives comprehensive legal counselling to the Intended Parents before they enter into a surrogacy arrangement.



Team of New Life Poland

Justyna Nowak

New Life Poland Branch Manager

Justyna has joined New Life Poland with significant experience in clinical psychology and clinical sexology. She holds a Master’s Degree in Psychology from the University of Finance and Management. Prior to joining New Life Poland, Justyna worked for the Department of Forensic Sexology and the National Medical Specialist Clinic in Warsaw. She also has worked as coach of interpersonal communication at University of Finance and Management in Warsaw.

Currently Justyna works with intended parents, surrogate mothers and egg donors and coordinates all aspects of the program, from the start to the end. You can always address her for any clarification and assistance.



Team of New Life South Africa

Junette Van Aarde

New Life South Africa Branch Manager

Junette was discovered by New Life and she started working as New Life Global Network as Donor Coordinator previously working as a Planner and Sales Executive in the Engineering world where she worked for more than 5 years. Since she started with the company, through her hard work and dedication, New Life South Africa has had over 215 amazing women sign up as donors.

Junette is responsible for signing up new donors and also for the planning, monitoring and managing of the donor cycles. She oversees all travel arrangements, assists with pill plans and medication cycles, and is a mentor and support for each and every donor, traveling with them to destinations as Chaperone when eve is needed. She has a solid, professional relationship with the medical teams in all destinations, and ensures that every donor is monitored and feels supported and nurtured throughout the entire donation process, including after their return home.



Team of New Life Kenya

Millicent Aoko Ogott

New Life Kenya Manager

Millicent Ogott is a seasoned Administrator and has been in the Administration field since 2001. She has worked in many administrative areas and gained vast experience in this field.

She holds a Diploma in Management as well as a Higher Diploma in Public Relations from The London College of Further Education. She has many years work experience in the areas of Office Management and Administration, notably with local Government Departments, Parastatals and International Non-Governmental Organizations. In the last five years, Millicent has dedicated her life to working with couples who wish to become parents and has vast experience in this field, bringing together IPs and surrogates and helping them walk a worthwhile journey towards parenting.

Apart from the above, Millicent is also a mother who enjoys parenting to the utmost. She loves nature and has a fondness for community work and promoting education especially for the underprivileged. In her spare time, she loves travelling, cooking and building friendships.