New Life Global Network

New Life Global Network is a rapidly expanding group of world known fertility centers currently operating in Georgia, Ukraine, India, South East Asia, Mexico, Greece, South, Africa, Israel and Poland. Our network is founded on the personal experience of Mrs. Mariam Kukunashvili, MD, PhD who believes that every responsible and caring person deserves happiness of parenthood.

At New Life, we are happy to provide a full array of Assisted Reproductive Technology (ART) services, including Surrogacy and Egg Donation in any branch mentioned above, except Poland and

South Africa where we are represented as a donation center only. The idea and an inspiration to establish several fertility treatment centers all over the world was driven by our huge desire to assist all intended parents to experience the joy of parenthood regardless of their origin and their country restrictions on Surrogacy and Egg Donation.

Having variety of branches all over the world gives us a unique flexibility to select the best treatment destination for our intended parents based on their individual needs , keeping in mind their geographic, legal, medical and financial aspects.

Being one of the largest global network of fertility centers all over the worlds give us a wonderful opportunity to provide our services to married, single, gay, lesbian, HIV positive intended parents.

Moreover, it enables us to provide some unique services such as: PGD for gender selection, sperm washing, embryo or sperm transportation from one country to another, etc.

At New Life we are happy to offer our services to intended parents regardless of their marital status, sexual orientation or nationality. Each of our branches serves specific needs of our intended parents and is recommended to them accordingly. Destinations for surrogacy and egg donation services are offered as follows:

  • Married Heterosexual Couples: Georgia, Ukraine, India ( for Indians only) , Mexico
  • Single Intended Fathers or Same Sex Couples: Mexico, South-West Asia
  • HIV Positive Intended Fathers: Mexico, South-West Asia
  • Intended Parents Wishing to Balance their Family via Gender Selection: Mexico, South-West Asia

We strive to maintain a diverse egg donor pool including Ukrainian, Georgian, Polish, Mexican, South African, Indian and South –West Asian Egg donors. We have program coordinators in each region, who are familiar with local egg donors, clinics and other recourses you will need during this wonderful process. We can provide both local and travelling egg donors to you. In case of request, our travelling egg donors are more than happy to donate in a country chosen by the intended parents and travel for there for donation. Additionally, New Life has frozen Asian and Caucasian Egg donor bank available for shipment to the different destinations.

Please visit our egg donors website at:

Since 2008 we have helped more than 5 000 families and single intended parents to achieve their dream of parenthood. We are ready to assist you to be the next one to experience this incredible joy of becoming parent.

For additional details please contact us directly and we will suggest the most suitable destination for your program based on your marital status, geographic location, medical history, individual needs and preferences.