Mariam Kukunashvili at Thai TV Chanel while visiting Bangkok

The parents who had ongoing IVF programs and pregnant surrogate mothers in Thailand have experienced a much tensed time as military rule in Thailand suspended functioning of the IVF clinics and questioned nearly all surrogacy cases. Parents who just had babies delivered during that period of time got stuck on the boarders and were very helpless and there was nobody giving clear answers or promises. This uncertainty of the situation made the parents very vulnerable and lost.

Co-founder of New Life Global Network, Mariam Kukunashvili , was suggested by the lawyers that she should not cross Thailand boarder and the situation looked very unpredictable and she should not risk. Having a massive big responsibility to the parents who had pregnant surrogate mothers in Thailand, who were not sure what might have happened to their not yet born babies made Mariam travel to Bangkok to stay with the parents looking at her with the eyes of hopes. Mrs Mariam gave interviews to all the possible journals and TVs .
New Life stuff have been in touch with the parents in the most critical period. We have never stopped doing all the general checkups of the surrogate mothers , to make sure parents were not affected. We have always been and will be standing by the parents and will be there to make sure our surrogates deliver healthy babies and the parents will be happily holding their long dreamed babies in their arms.