Maia Nakopia

Maia Nakopia

Traveling Egg Donor Program Manager

Maia Nakhofia

Maia holds BA degree in English Philology. She studied economics at the Engineering Institute in Rostov for 2 years. Maia has more than 15 years of experience with NGO sector in the area of finances. Accuracy, attention to details and dedication to work – these features make her to be reliable team member.

As Traveling Egg Donor Program Manager at New Life Global Network, Maia deals with egg donor stimulations, monitors the accuracy of following the protocols, plans and arranges the program dates and coordinates donor travels and accommodations. She is the one assigning the chaperons for the program and updates the parents and clinics about the stimulation status. She makes sure the programs run smoothly and accurately.

Languages: Georgian, English, Russian
Mob: 00995 577455445