Let us welcome our new Branch Manager at New Life Nepal

Let us welcome our new Branch Manager at New Life Nepal


has been spreading its branches and growing globally to assist couples all around the world to experience parenthood when they are naturally unable to do so. The New life treatment centers are not the best because they claim to be but because the qualities that they incorporate which help people realize their desire of motherhood/fatherhood by the successful egg donation and surrogacy process.

Now that the New life Surrogacy in Nepal. Join us welcoming our new Branch Manager in Kathmandu, Nepal. At New Life Nepal MS. Preeti Bista is the first contact person for egg donors and surrogate mothers. She makes sure that the surrogate mothers and egg donors are fit for the tasks they would be  assigned and ensures that they know of the risks that comes along while donating eggs and carrying out a surrogacy.

A branch manager especially knows what an ideal candidate for a surrogate mother or egg donor attributes are like – the benefits and disadvantages of choosing an anonymous donor  or a known donor and which could suit the couple more, if physical appearance and fitness matters etc. An ideal surrogate mother as well has parameters, in which she is tested, this is much more necessary because the surrogate mother will be carrying and nurturing the baby.

The branch manager will always be there for prospective surrogates and egg donors to rely upon. She is a competent part of our team and always ready to help make your program special.