Leny Lourdes Zenteno Reyes

Leny Lourdes Zenteno Reyes

Program and Pregnancy Care Manager ( Tabasco)

Leny is a valuable member of New Life Mexico team. She has obtained her degree in Global Business Management, ESEUNE. She has worked for Freelance Life and Health Insurance, Televisa, Grupo W, Global Work Palaces Solution, Mobex.

Leny provides the overall management of New Life Mexico branch in Tabasco, Mexico. The main part of the tasks assigned to her is to coordinate pregnant surrogate mothers during and after pregnancy. At the same time, she is responsible for keeping Tabasco office running smoothly.

Once pregnancy is confirmed, Karen hands over the program to Leny who then starts coordination of the pregnancy care part of the program, including the post birth period.

E-mail: leny@newlifemexico.net
Tel: 04455 41905937