Have a legal team on your side!

Have a legal team on your side!


The good news is that you can now get legal references through us. New Life Global will be able to refer you to a renowned legal firm in the following areas –

  • San Diego
  • CA
  • Washington DC
  • Villahermosa
  • TAB
  • Cancun
  • QROO
  • Mexico City
  • Madrid
  • London

A full legal package will be inclusive of the following –

  • An interview with the surrogate (This is extremely necessary because the couple shouldn’t catch hold of the wrong surrogate)
  • The presence of a legal representative while signing the contract. (The contract is signed between the surrogate and the parents to-be)
  • A judgement to be passed pre-birth. (This isn’t always a necessity and largely depends on your consulate)
  • The presence of a legal representative when applying for the baby’s birth certificate. (This isn’t limited to birth certificate but extends to original certificates, passports, Apostile of Mexican birth certificate, entry of the baby into Mexico)
  • Any other necessary legislative help during the course of the art program

If you wish to have a legal team at your beck and call, you ought to touch base with New Life Global for the same and the needful shall be done. It always helps in having a legal team on your side because they can take care of things in case of any kind of complications. Moreover, they are better equipped at handling such things than you are and hence, you can blindly fall back on them.