It was a great program!

It was a great program!

It was a great program! When I came to clinic, I met wonderful people Svetlana and Anna, they are very nice and very responsive girls! You can refer to them anytime and they are always ready to help with each detail! To be honest the flight was a little difficult, because it takes almost one day, but right after arrival at the hotel all such minor problems were forgotten! It is a beautiful place and I dream to live thereJ

My procedure was scheduled on the third day after my arrival and before it I had an appointment with Doctor who carefully checked me and explained the next step. I was impressed by her kind and careful attention to me. The final procedure (our main goal) was done very quickly and I even was surprised about it and my good feeling after.

I had a possibility to have a rest and enjoy this wonderful country. I met Junette there too, she took great care of me during my stay in Cambodia. Also, she was with me during the procedure of oocytes retrieval and her face was the first what I saw after waking up from anesthesia. I am very grateful to her for this moment and for her support too. She is very nice and kind person and we are good friends nowJ

I am happy that I chose this program via New Life !!! It was very nice and pleasant experience!

Thank you very much!