Iain, James, Poppy and Oscar

Iain, James, Poppy and Oscar

Dear Dr Deeksha and everyone at the clinic.

“How is everyone? We hope that you are well.I hope the business is still doing well.

We thought that we would email through with some photos and share how we are. The babies are now 15 months, and it is amazing how time flies. The babies are a real delight, and truly coming into their own little personalities. Oscar is a try boy. Slow to deliberate, but fast to learn and loves all things technical. Poppy is always running around, babbling orders and waving to everyone.
One of the photos shows the babies having a Pooja ceremony on their first birthday with some Hindu friends of ours. We did it with their christening as a way of celebrating where they came from and who they are.

I will leave it there. Miss you all. We hope that you enjoy the photos.

Lots of love

Iain, James, Poppy and Oscar.”