Happy Parents’ Letter To Their Egg Donor

Happy Parents’ Letter To Their Egg Donor


IVF treatment is the process that requires a healthy female to donate her healthy and fertilized ovum to the intended parents. Egg donation takes place in a few phases and needs to be meticulously monitored and taken care of. The couple selects their donor with the help of the clinic. The egg donor has to first go through a series of checkups and counseling to make sure that she is ready for egg donation and suffers from none of the hereditary and congenital diseases.  The donor and the intended mother are then given a series of hormones to get their menstrual cycles to match and also to increase the number of eggs produced and the rate of production.

We have some amazing news to share with all of our readers. We would like to share a message from one of our satisfied and happy couples whose dreams came true with the help of one of our egg donors.

“Our Love G,

We are so happy to tell you that the stork has brought the little princess to the world. She is so beautiful, she was delivered on Saturday afternoon. She is amazing and very beautiful… She is keeping us busy 24/7 but we are very happy. We are thinking about you and wanted to let you know about the delivery, but since we were very busy sorry for the late mail. Even a million words can’t express how much we thank you for this little miracle, and appreciate your goodness, and bless you every day!”