Happy Indian family

Happy Indian family



A little angel was born, bringing happiness and joy for our new intended parents.  These new couple had already had a baby daughter. They were therefore trying for a second child to bring more happiness in the family and to give their daughter a precious gift of a younger sibling.

After many trials, the couple was unsuccessful in getting pregnant and therefore was unhappy when so many efforts seemed to go wasted. Then, after much research and looking through options, they selected New life to help them in this precious task.  They consulted our experts and looked through different surrogacy treatments offered by the new life center.

We ensured that they knew about the different surrogacy processes available today and the procedures that take to complete it successfully as well as the risks that come with it. The intended couple was clearly informed of the agency fees, surrogate compensation and the risks that they have to cover incase a medical complication arose. The intended couple was happy with the services we provided and our experts’ experience and talent in the field. Various screenings later we found them the ideal surrogate to carry their child.

Our Indian Intended parents were happy to meet and hug their most precious gift, a baby boy on 3rd October 2014 with the help of Dr. Deeksha who is a part of New Life team, India and also the surrogate mother from New life India surrogacy Agency. They not only gained a son but a brother as well.

Our congratulations to the new happy family !!