Exited Couple from USA

Exited Couple from USA


Another little angel was born with the aid of new life services.  A baby fills a place in your heart that you didn’t even know was empty. And this couple from USA knows that all too well, as anyone can tell from the happy faces; their healthy baby daughter has born in New Life Georgia in this week.

Finally after waiting for so many years of anticipation, their dream finally came true.  The couple like any other suffering through infertility had doubts about ever having a kid. However, when they consulted the new life global network team in Georgia, we assured them that their chances of having a kid were good if they underwent some infertility treatments.

We consulted them on various services we provided and assured them of our quality of our procedures and our programs. There are many programs provided by the new life such as the egg donation, surrogacy services, infertility treatments etc. The couple sought help from the new life agency after a detailed research of the agencies according to their criteria of selection.

They asked us about the medical tests and screening the egg donors and surrogate mothers go through to qualify for the job. The birth of a child is the most important task that cannot be assigned to just any agency; therefore after doing an in depth research on success rates, reputation and quality of services, the couple chose new life.

The couple intends to use our services again and try for another. We wish them happiness and good luck!!