Dr. Deeksha Tyagi at a Conference in Hungary

Dr. Deeksha Tyagi at a Conference in Hungary


Dr. Deeksha Tyagi was a part of the annual conference in reproductive medicine (2014). The conference took place in Hungary. The full title of the conference was 2014 Annual Conference in Reproductive Medicine – Implementation: Opening the Black Box. The conference took place on the 23rd and the 24th of May in Budapest at Hungary.

The ideals that were discuss in the conference were related to –

  • Egg donation
  • The trauma that comes with it
  • The social stigma that comes with becoming an egg donor
  • Is it a good idea to market the donor?
  • Is or should egg donation be a taboo?
  • Religion and egg donation

Of course, the discussion will have ventured into other areas of surrogacy treatment for the field is a very vast one with options that are even vaster. There are a million things in the field that need to be discussed. This new development is often unused owing to social stigma and the prejudices that come with it. The conference perhaps was held to do away with all of this.

There are more than enough examples of successful parents through IVF with egg donar and hence, one definitely shouldn’t be holding back. Here is hoping that the conference indeed did touch upon the sensitivity of the procedures on literally all the levels. Here is also hoping that the procedure shall slowly be seen in a positive light instead of being looked upon as a social stigma in a lot of places.