Donors from South Africa Ready To Help Intended Parents

Donors from South Africa Ready To Help Intended Parents


 IVF Treatment is the process where a healthy female donates her fertilized ovum to another couple. Egg Donation is a process that takes place in phases and needs to be monitored constantly for 2-3 months. The donors are chosen by the intended parents by a long and meticulous process.

We have very busy two weeks ahead of us. Two of our amazing donors will be leaving this week on their journey to give the ecstatic intended parents the most amazing gift of their lives. One donor will be traveling to India and the other will be flying out to LA, which would be our first program in the United States.

The processing of obtaining and ensuring in time the donors’ Visas had been quite stressful, but with the help of a great team assisting us with all our Visa problems, it did not matter where our donors are from or where they are going to. This month we have many wonderful, helping donors from all over South Africa traveling to various places. Three donors are from Cape Town, one is from Midrand Jhb, one is from Foreways Jhb and one is from Vaalpark Vereeniging.

Our whole team wishes a safe and happy journey to all of our donors during these weeks and all the success with their endeavors that they are about to embark up on. None of these amazing things would have been possible without the cooperation and support of our wonderful and lovely donors.