Ben and Nicole

To Sonia at new life clinic New Delhi

“After 8years of trying to have a baby including 12 failed IVF cycles, 1 unsuccessful egg donation cycle, 1 unsuccessful surrogacy cycle with another Indian based clinic and an ectopic pregnancy, our journey steered us to new life clinic in New Delhi. Dr Deeksha facilitated the transplantation of one embryo into our surrogate mother and the result was an incredibly beautiful and healthy baby girl. We are both so happy, even more so than we ever thought possible. Dr Deeksha, Sonia and the staff at New Life are very compassionate, lovely people who genuinely wanted the best possible outcome for us, our baby and our surrogate mother. It was very important to us that our surrogate mother was treated well and we are not only confident of this but also that she received the best possible medical care. We are so grateful and happy with Dr Deeksha and her staff at New Life that we have already started making plans to give our little angel a little brother or sister as soon as possible. We feel very blessed. Ben and Nicole”