A Baby Girl From USA

A Baby Girl From USA

A Baby Girl from USA

Very recently, a couple from the USA met with their little baby daughter. Their delight was quite obvious. The couple was a recipient of happiness after numerous unsuccessful attempts at IVF. The couple cannot but be grateful to the surrogate mother. They are more than excited about their new baby girl.

New Life Georgia takes delight in seeing this couple through. We congratulate them on their success and wish them and their baby the best for their future. After all, not everyone is showered with the gift of happiness even after a lot of attempts.

A large part of success depends upon getting a good donor. For instance, donors in the family may or may not be the best idea depending from couple to couple. It is the health of the person and the quality of the egg or the sperm that matters. However, a family donor will also bring genes of the family with him or her and that is one aspect to consider.

Moreover, it rests on the parents to make the final decision about who they’d want their donor to be. For, it is they who are going to raise the baby. Therefore, family or no family involved should entirely be their decision. In fact, it is a good idea, to let the set of parents take all the important decisions related to the donor and the procedure. Of course, they shall be assisted by the doctor in taking all of the important decisions.