A baby girl was born with the help of South African Donor

A baby girl was born with the help of South African Donor



New life welcomed a little darling to the world in Georgia. The intended parents were trying for many years to conceive but were unable to do so. After a lot of research they discovered the new life agency and decided to trust us with one of the most important jobs of their lives. The Birth of a child is indeed the most precious thing that happens in any one’s life and therefore it is important such decisions be taken after a long consideration of pros and cons. That is what this couple did too.

The first and foremost thing is that is essential to do while looking to start a treatment is finding the best agency you can rely upon. Ask the right questions about the clinic like their screening process, their success stories, their procedures and equipment they used. They were consulted by our experts who suggested them for egg donation treatment. When they went through our egg donor database, they looked for all the requirements they needed in their donor for e.g. physical appearance and lifestyle etc.

After much anticipation, the Beautiful Heritage day is when the amazing news was announced. A little baby girl was born in New Life Georgia   with the help one of our Angel Donor that traveled to Georgia from South Africa. Together we are changing the world of many families.

We wish the family best of luck and may this little princess bring them lots of joy and happiness.